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    Post  SnowTrash on Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:48 pm

    In August 2009 Nick Simmons Son of Gene Simmons the Demon Releases his own Manga Incarnate

    For a while no one notices anything until 1 day some Super Bleach Nerd realizes HOLY SH*T he just copied bleach.
    And apparently stole (traced over) art on Deviantart Thus making him banned on Devianart even though he did nothing on the site he now sits on top of KISS mountain as a hermit who will forever get hated by Deviantart Fans because he traced something. (like they dont do that everyday....)

    Evidence TT-Plagerism Collab Bleachincarnate2

    Verdict Because hes a famous celeb he will get blammed for something the company he copied from already does Shonen Jump
    (Guys who made Naruto make Bleach)
    TT-Plagerism Collab Naruto%20Rips%20Off%20Cowboy%20Bebop

    But that`s not all even famous newgrounds artists do this

    So the collab begins!

    550 X 400

    White Bg

    24 FPS

    (warning this collab may ruin famous Yaoi anime loving animators.)

    TT-Plagerism Collab Naruto-Sasukecopy
    The Heap
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    Post  The Heap on Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:28 pm

    okay I guess I'll be tracing some hentai manga for Pelswick and Goon YAOI

    ...after I finish my exam

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