helping you guys out in the portal


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    helping you guys out in the portal

    Post  wackyanimation on Mon May 31, 2010 3:26 am

    hey, i guess i represent the kitty krew in this sense.. anyway, we want to see you guys do good out there, however we have seen your flashes struggle to pass and would like to help you guys get some flashes out there so you can stand on your own legs.

    When you submit a flash:
    • you can include the tag, it should not cause too much of a problem
    • always submit without co-authors. once it gets out of submission then you can co-author everyone. flashes are weighted depending on co-authors so even 2 under one flash could bring the score down a lot.
    • super awesome preloader + intro - you know back in the day a lot of people didnt know the difference between the actual flash and the kitty krew intro. a new intro would come out and scores would go straight up. also for the people who don't watch the flash, at least keep them entertained with lots of tweens in the preloader
    • descriptions are better off somewhat short. 4 lines max

    These tips should help you guys to get some flashes passed more easily. If you guys really feel like you need help, you can co-author the kittykrew account.

    We want to be allies with you guys so you are welcome to ask for help from us and visit our forum.

    also, maybe we can look together towards a joint collab?
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    Re: helping you guys out in the portal

    Post  The Heap on Mon May 31, 2010 9:43 pm

    wow those are some most excellent tips sir

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