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    Post  ClockNinja on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:40 pm

    how is everyone
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    Post  The Heap on Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:04 pm

    we, [TT], are doing positively super.

    we've got some cool stuff in store including
    - The Chuggington collection (almost a sequel to last years Chuggington RPG I made while in the Barney Bunch)
    - OMG NOT ANOTHER STUPID COLLAB (AKA The [THIRD] Stupid Collab, since the second worked so well, a third is in the planning stages at [TT])
    - Unnamed flash series for [TT] in the vein of Crimson Chin and Dr. Faggot
    - Member recruitment drive
    - Invasion of FanimeTube and recruiting "fanimators" to the fold of NG spammers with paths to both [TT] and [KK] if they are up for it.

    BIG plans are in store since right now it's ALMOST officially summer vacation (I have only one more exam, a practical exam to be specific, on Monday thus I don't need to study) . Oh, and Toy Story 3 premieres tomorrow and I might go to see it with my buds tomorrow evening, depends on my schedule.

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